A Guide to Integrating Land Use and Transportation

Connecting Communities utilizes a regional planning process to explore strategies to increase transportation choices and accessibility, help communities make collaborative, informed decisions to coordinate development, reduce environmental impacts and improve regional connectivity. The intent of this initiative is to create more vibrant livable communities though coordinating resources, partners and stakeholders to integrate transportation and land use planning and decisions in the greater Akron area. It looks at how transportation funding, project selection and planning can better complement land use planning that encourages investment and revitalization of established neighborhoods and regional collaboration.

Executive Summary

For additional information or questions contact Heather Reidl at 330-375-2436  ext. 4434 or email her at hreidl@akronohio.gov.

2024 Connecting Communities Planning Grant

Planning Grant Applications should further the following Connecting Communities principles:

  • Increase alternative transportation options to connect people and places
  • Promote Complete Street principles to create vibrant and safe places for all users
  • Leverage transportation projects to develop places which support alternative transportation and complete streets through land use and design

Application     Sample Legislation

FY 2024 Planning Grants

Akron's 2024 Planning Grant Application

New Franklin's 2024 Planning Grant Application

Akron RFQ

New Franklin RFQ