• AMATS completed its FY 2024 through FY 2027 Transportation Improvement Program, that includes all federally funded projects for the next four years.
  • roads AMATS completed a new round of funding, awarding just over $25 million of Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), Resurfacing Program, and Transportation Alternatives Set Aside funding for 27 projects in January 2024.
  • AMATS assisted in the administration of the Ohio Statewide CMAQ program, which provided just under $14 million over two years for a total of four new projects.
  • AMATS performed 327 segment counts within its jurisdiction this year.
  • pedestrian AMATS, the Village of Lakemore, and Springfield Township chose a consultant in June of 2023, and work began on the Living in Lakemore/Spartan Trail extension study. A public meeting and community survey took place in the fall, and a final report is expected in early 2024.
  • AMATS continued to operate the Gohio Commute website in collaboration with numerous MPOs around the state.
  • car AMATS finished work on a new Traffic Crashes Report that covers years 2020, 2021, and 2022. The report includes evaluations of automotive, bicycle, and pedestrian crashes, and was approved in January 2024.
  • bike AMATS coordinated with the city of Akron on a Bike-N-Brainstorm event in the Middlebury neighborhood in September 2023. AMATS continued to increase public participation by creating interactive maps and posting them to the AMATS website, as well as other internet resources.
  • AMATS cooperated with ODOT to incorporate established key metrics for mobility, preservation, transit, and freight.
    The AMATS Pavement Condition Data Collection and Analysis Program continued in 2023 with PMG being chosen for another contract. New data collection and rating of roads was completed on half of AMATS fundable system.
  • The website renovation process began in the summer of 2023 with new ideas for enhancing utilization and website traffic. AMATS team intends to launch a new website in the Spring of 2024.
  • congestion AMATS Staff completed a Safe Streets for All (SS4A) Action Plan in May of 2023. This action plan allows communities in the AMATS region to apply for funding from the federal SS4A Grant Program.



  • AMATS will begin work on the FY 2026-2029 Transportation Improvement Program.
  • AMATS will begin developing the next Long Range Transportation Plan, due in 2025.
  • AMATS will oversee projects funded by the Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG), Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), and Transportation Alternatives Set Aside Program (TASA) funds.
  • AMATS will oversee the Ohio Statewide Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program, which provides roughly $14 million over two years.
  • AMATS will continue to gather traffic statistics through its traffic counting and bicycle counting programs. An estimated minimum of 200 roadway sites will be measured.
  • AMATS will work with the recipients of the newest round of Connecting Communities Planning Grants, expected to be awarded in May 2024.
  • AMATS will continue to manage the Gohio Commute website in collaboration with numerous MPOs around the state to promote carpooling and other alternative forms of transportation.
  • AMATS will complete the annual Traffic Crashes Report for the years 2021-2023. The report will contain evaluations of automotive, bicycle, and pedestrian crashes.
  • AMATS will collaborate with its member communities on Bike-N-Brainstorm activities as requested and will continue to increase public participation via the use of online resources.
  • AMATS will continue to collaborate with ODOT to include performance measures planning into the Plan and TIP processes in accordance with existing federal guidance.
  • AMATS will continue the new Pavement Condition Data Collection and Analysis Program, a system-wide pavement evaluation system that grades the condition of pavement on federally classified roadways in the region.
  • AMATS will finalize the new website design and see its launch in Spring 2024.
  • AMATS will complete the Congestion Management Process update.
  • AMATS will begin the new Regional Signal Inventory Analysis.