Ohio is at a crossroads when it comes to funding its transportation needs.  Increasingly, more Ohioans are driving high-mileage gas, hybrid or electric vehicles.  While these vehicles may offer environmental benefits and ease the nation’s dependency on fossil fuels, their use decreases the amount of gas being purchased.  Less gas being sold means that the state’s fuel tax revenues are declining.

A dwindling revenue stream means less funding for needed transportation projects throughout the state including the Greater Akron area.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) projects that Ohio will have a $635 million funding gap starting in 2040 that is expected to increase in the following years.  To avert this situation, ODOT is studying a variety of funding options to replace the state’s fuel tax and stabilize Ohio’s future transportation revenues.

As part of the department’s research, ODOT is seeking public insight regarding possible funding options.  The department has dedicated a web site – – regarding its efforts to identify new sources of funding.  If you are interested in participating, please Take The Survey | Ohio Road.