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Biking in the Region

Green Bike-N-Brainstorm Re-Cap

Creating a regional bicycle plan was recommended as part of the Connecting Communities initiative, approved on September 29, 2010.

The purpose of the Bike Plan is to enhance and increase bicycling in the region as a viable transportation option and recreationally by providing safe, accessible and efficient bike routes and facilities.  The Bike Plan will contain recommendations that include both on-road facilities, such as bicycle lanes, wide shoulders and sharrows, and off-road facilities, primarily trails, to increase the bicycle network.

Click here to see the Bike Plan.

Please contact Krista Beniston at or 330-375-2436 with any comments you may have.

Bike User Map

The Bike Users Map was developed with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Daily car & truck volumes
  2. Posted speed limits
  3. Road width (mostly outside lane)
  4. High vehicle crash locations
  5. User comments and feedback

Click on the link above or click here to view the interactive map (choose Bike Users Map from the drop-down menu.)  Please review the roads you have traveled via bicycle and submit your comments and suggestions to Phyllis Jividen at

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Check it out! is a place to learn about new routes and trails, post events, and discuss biking related issues and needs in our region!