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Funded Projects (TIP)

AMATS receives over $17 million dollars a year to invest in the region’s transportation infrastructure.  All funding is provided through the federal government by the federal gas tax which is paid when consumers purchase gasoline.

AMATS receives funding from three federal programs.  Below are 2014 allocations:

Surface Transportation Program (STP): $10,500,000

Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ): $5,700,000

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP): $1,100,000

AMATS uses these funds to help communities pay for road maintenance, safety improvements, congestion relief and bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

Transportation Improvement Program

AMATS maintains a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)  that includes all projects that use federal funds over a four year period.  The current TIP includes projects from Fiscal Year 2014 to 2017. (The fiscal year begins on July 1st of the year and ends June 30.  For example, the 2014 Fiscal Year began in July of 2013).

Click here for a guide to reading the interactive TIP.

Click here to see the interactive TIP!